Online Art Exhibit

May 16th - May 27th 2016

Our Online Art Exhibit, Nurture, highlighted the range and depth of Hartley House’s Creative Arts Program. Students from 4 to 94 take part in classes that help them learn techniques including oil painting, watercolors, ceramics, paper arts, and more.

Our Hartley House online art exhibit displayed 62 art pieces, all created by 19 Hartley House artists who attend our ceramic and oil painting classes, After School program, and art therapy participants.  By displaying their artwork, the artists are provided with the opportunity to share their passion and love of the arts which boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Overall, the Hartley House art exhibit was a success, with more than 450 viewers and 3 sold art pieces!  We look forward to your continued support at our next art exhibit.  Your support means a great deal to Hartley House and the Creative Arts Program.