2014 Annual Appeal

Thank you for helping us to meet our goal and raise over $47,000 through the 2014 Annual  Appeal!


Dear Hartley House Family,


Happy Holidays! As you and your family celebrate, I am writing to ask you to consider supporting our family at Hartley House. Each hour of homework help, apple slice, Art Therapy session, and flip of a light switch adds up—and while the return on these expenses is priceless—the cost is very real.  

Consider a day in the life of Elizabeth, a seven-year old second grader. Elizabeth comes to Hartley House every day after school, providing her newly-single working mom peace of mind while deepening her academic and social skills. While Elizabeth is in school, Hartley House staff arrives at 8am, flips on the lights and turn up the heat. Maintenance staff ensures our over-a-century-old building is clean and safe for everyone that day. Our After School Director, Courtney, prepares for the day, creates lesson plans, participates in trainings, and compiles data on our students and their progress. Counselors arrive at 2:00pm to prepare snacks, organize supplies, and escort Elizabeth from school to Hartley House safely. At 3:30pm, Elizabeth arrives and excitedly rushes to the courtyard to meet up with her friends, play a game of kick ball, and have a snack of apple slices and goldfish crackers. By 3:55pm, Elizabeth is headed upstairs for help on her homework with her favorite Counselor Asia. This one-on-one assistance encourages Elizabeth to be more disciplined and helps curb bad study habits. By 4:45pm, Elizabeth heads to one of four daily rotating activities including gym, Idea Lab, music/drama, and visual art. Today, she is using glue, felt, glitter, buttons, and elastic to create a mask of a lion, as part of a semester-long study on ecosystems around the globe. Visual Art is Elizabeth’s favorite activity, and with the help of the Creative Arts Director, Amanda, who is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, she has been able to use her love of art to begin working through difficult topics such as grief, anger, and loss after the divorce of her parents. With Art Therapy provided free of charge, Elizabeth’s behavior and relationship with her mother has greatly improved. The Generalist Social Worker, Traci, has also been able to use the feedback from Elizabeth and her mother to refer them to family counseling. At 5:30pm, she heads to the gym to play freeze tag and then waits for her mother to arrive and take her home.

 Elizabeth’s day at Hartley House is full of supports that are invaluable to her and her family. She is one of 70 students and an entire day of this type of comprehensive After School programming costs Hartley House $1,680 – an average of $24 per child. Hartley House charges families about 33% of what it costs to run the program and offers as many scholarships as possible. To do this, we rely on friends like you to help make up the difference and ensure Elizabeth can experience Hartley House’s Youth Programs no matter her family’s circumstances.

This Holiday Season, please consider being a part of making Elizabeth’s day.

Nicole L. Cicogna 

Executive Director