Community Social Work


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Access and Advocacy

Hartley House’s purpose today is similar to what it was at its inception: to provide those in the community with services that meet their present needs and permanently empower them as individuals. Hartley House’s programs focus on strengthening the connections between families, friends, neighbors, businesses, and organizations in Hell’s Kitchen and enriching the entire community. Social Workers have been part of the settlement house model, and the structure and staffing of Hartley House since its doors opened in 1897, working to recognize, support and build on strengths and resiliency of all people.

Community social workers serve their neighbors through a number of functions. They are a bridge to help individuals, families and groups access services and to gain knowledge about available resources in their community. They provide direct services to individuals, while providing advocacy, education, and social action to empower communities to work for change.


Components of the Community Social Work Program

Information and Referral

Our community social worker can help you access information about services and benefits through the referral process. We provide many services at Hartley House; however, our work also extends through a network of community partners. Through the Information and Referral process we endeavor to help provide helpful information and guidance.

Social Work Walk-in Clinic

The Social Work Clinic is held twice weekly at Hartley House. During this time members of the Hell’s Kitchen Community are invited to meet with a generalist social worker, in-person, on a first-come, first-serve basis. The client intake process is an integral part of Information and Referral. Intake is a time to gather and exchange information that will help us determine how we can best work together to help meet your needs. If there is a program that you qualify for at Hartley House you will be referred as a client. Clinic appointments will be held in 15 minute increments and a maximum of 8 clients can be seen during each clinic session.


The Community Social Work Program will further support local residents by presenting workshops on topics that we are finding to be relevant and prevalent in this neighborhood.