Home Outreach Program for Elders (HOPE) Program


Through HOPE, Hartley House provides comprehensive case management services for 65-75 seniors at any one time, most of whom are referred by other agencies, doctors, concerned neighbors, or caretakers. HOPE Social Workers provide assessment, case management, individualized support and assistance, and serve as a bridge through referrals for legal, medical, home care, and other services. Staff and community members at Hartley House become surrogate family for many seniors who might otherwise be socially isolated.

In mid-2010 Hartley House became accredited by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to become an Organizational Representative Payee for HOPE clients. This SSA status enabled the organization to create the Formal Money Management (FMM) component of HOPE. As of June 2014, HOPE has about a dozen clients enrolled as full representative payees and is providing bill pay assistance and financial monitoring to an additional 25-30 clients. HOPE continues to collaborate with the Council of Senior Center and Services of NYC (CSCS) and has clients in their Bill Payer Program. We regularly provide some form of money management assistance to approximately 60% of our clients. HOPE also continues its fruitful collaboration with Housing Conservation Coordinators (HCC) to help seniors avoid eviction and maintain quality of life independently in their homes.

This sort of individualized care provided by HOPE social workers not only helps to prevent eviction and early institutionalization, but also recognizes that our elderly neighbors are vital members of the community and works to improve the quality of their lives.


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What's New...

Mayra Vargas-Araujo is a volunteer from the Senior Companion Program (SCP) at Henry Street Settlement. Hartley House is a volunteer station that connects the volunteer with HOPE clients. The mission of SCP is , “to allow frail and homebound seniors to continue living independently.”

Mayra makes weekly Home visits to a HOPE client and spends 4 hours with the client on each visit.