Hartley House Announces Strategic Expansion,  Creates New Position and Hires Assistant Executive Director

                                 Megan Ducoff

                                 Megan Ducoff

New York, NY – June 22, 2015 – As the result of the successful completion of a new strategic plan in March 2015, Hartley House is pleased to announce the creation of a new role, Assistant Executive Director (AED).  This position will be vital to helping execute Hartley House’s vision, according to Nicole L. Cicogna, Executive Director of Hartley House.  “We are delighted that Megan Ducoff is joining Hartley House as our AED, a brand new position.  Megan will focus on programmatic alignment, staff development, and identifying unmet community needs to enhance the services Hartley House provides to those living and working in Hell’s Kitchen.”


For nearly 120 years, Hartley House has served the Hell’s Kitchen community by offering services to meet the immediate needs of its neighbors while permanently empowering them as individuals. Its long history and relatively small size has allowed it to uniquely adapt to the changing tides and times of the vibrant Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, and as a result, the House has experienced incredible growth over the past few years, establishing it as a true community service hub.


To sustain and support this growth, and ensure that Hartley House’s programming is streamlined, relevant, and that staff remain innovative and energetic, Hartley House undertook a strategic planning project. A major outcome was to prioritize the expansion of youth services to support teens and young adults, increase intergenerational programming, and provide dedicated professional development to its talented and largely community-based staff. These initiatives will increase Hartley House’s capacity, ensure its programming continues to meet the present and pressing needs of individuals in Hell’s Kitchen, and establish Hartley House as a leader in community building and social service delivery on Manhattan’s West Side.


To achieve these goals, Hartley House’s new AED, Megan Ducoff will lead a comprehensive assessment of current programming and professional development offerings, using the strategic plan and her own expertise to recommend and implement programmatic enhancements and expansions, as well as a formalized staff support plan. Ducoff holds a Masters of Social Work from Rutgers and has spent the last five years at Hartley House’s neighbor Covenant House serving homeless youth and young adults as a Site Coordinator, Research Director, Director of Child Protective Services and most recently, as the Director of Performance Improvement. Ducoff will join the Hartley House team on June 22, 2015.


The strategic plan and hiring of the AED were unanimously supported by the Hartley House Board of Trustees, and the initial Board fundraising campaign to support the AED hiring has already achieved 100% participation. Hartley House is also honored to have secured generous foundation funding in the amount of $175,000 from the Booth Ferris Foundation to bolster the Board’s funds to support the first three years of the AED’s tenure at Hartley House.

Booth Ferris Foundation was founded in 1957 under the wills of Willis H. Booth and his wife, Chancie Ferris Booth. Since that time, over $281 million has been contributed to private and public educational institutions as well as to strengthen the non-profit sector and cultural institutions in New York City.


About Hartley House:

Founded in 1897, Hartley House exists to serve school-age children, youth, and seniors in Hell’s Kitchen by enriching their lives, expanding their opportunities, and building a sense of community.