Spring 2016 ONLINE Art Exhibit

We would like to invite you, our neighbors and friends, to join us for our 1st ONLINE ART EXHIBIT from May 16th – May 27th!!!

Our Online Art Exhibit, Nurture highlights the range and depth of Hartley House’s Creative Arts Program. Students from 4 to 94 take part in free classes to help them learn techniques including oil painting, watercolors, ceramics, paper arts, and more. The Creative Arts are integrated into the educational model of our Youth Programs to enhance children's learning experiences. Hartley House also offers Art Therapy as part of its After School and Summer Camp curricula, and as a service for home-bound seniors who participate in the Home Outreach Program for Elders (HOPE), to help participants deal with grief, anger, stress and anxiety in a non-verbal way. As you can see, there is an abundance of talent and creativity in Hell’s Kitchen, from young people discovering artistic expression for the first time, to elderly neighbors who have a place to continue their creative endeavors, some of them life-long artists. They are proud to display their work and we are humbled by their talents.

Summer 2015 Art Exhibit